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How to Curl Your Hair Like a Pro

· Curl and set your hair so it last for days! ·

But I’m not a natural color melted, multi-hued copper balayaged head (that’s a thing, I looked it up). I bit the bullet earlier this spring and covered my greys enhanced my natural color. My hairstylist at Salon 42 in Charlotte (Marissa H, check her out ya’ll) does an amazing job with my color, and in an…

Honey, What’s This? What’s Happening? What’s Going On Here? Will and Grace Viewing Party Menu

· The perfect meal to enjoy while watching the re-launch of Will and Grace ·

will & grace viewing party menu pinnable pinterest image

I’m a huge fan of Will and Grace. How cool would it be to live in New York, own an interior design business and live with your BFF in an awesome apartment? Obviously, I’m super pumped that Will and Grace are back! To celebrate, I wanted to throw together a small themed menu of foods…

One Year Anniversary!

· Celebrating one year of living a more beautiful, creative life ·

Image of blogger on beach

It really seems like yesterday that I jumped right into this blogging world (that I really knew nothing about) and didn’t look back. Let’s take a trip down memory lane at the Dairing adventures we’ve had along the way: Everyone’s support has meant the world to me, so I wanted to share my appreciation with…

I’m Back Baby! Welcome to the New A Dairing Life

· A Dairing Life: How to Live a Beautiful, Creative Life.  ·

I’ve been quiet on the blog recently, and for good reason! I’ve quietly been working on a new and improved A Dairing Life. You can expect to see more of me around here. That means more DIY projects, more hairstyles, more delicious food, and even a peek into my personal life here and there. So…