Braiding Basics 101: Launch + Easy beginner tutorial

Braids are my go to hairstyle. Slept in a little too late? Braid. Can’t get your hair to curl/wave? Braid. Humid outside? Braid. Get bored with your hair super easily, but every time you’ve tried to get a new hair cut you regret it, so then you swear never to cut your hair again (oh wait, is this just me)? Braid. Lots and lots of braids.

I often hear these questions/comments: “How did you get your hair to do that?”, “Where do you come up with these hairstyles/how did you learn to do ____?”, “I can’t do ____ hairstyle because my hair is thin/straight/curly”, “I could never learn how to do my hair like that!”

Let me tell you a little something: braids (and other hairstyles) are not some magical unicorn thing that you can never achieve. Anyone and everyone can learn. I accomplish many of my hairstyles through trial (and a lot of) error. Half the time I don’t end up with what I envision in my head, but that’s ok because I’ve just come up with another cool option!

This is why I’m launching Braiding Basics 101! I’ll cover basic braids that once you practice and add these to your arsenal, you can do just about any type of hairstyle incorporating them! We will also go through some tools, products, tips and tricks that will make learning to braid easier, and a lot less frustrating.

Are you ready to join me? To get started, I’ve made a really simple (and quick) video on a basic 3-strand braid. Please note that in the video, I’m doing a “regular” braid, which means I’m crossing the side sections over the middle. To do a dutch braid, you would just reverse this motion: cross the side sections under the middle. That’s the only difference between the two for a basic 3-strand braid. So watch this video and get up to speed if you are completely new to braiding.  Make sure to sign up for my weekly newsletter to stay up to date on new posts! I’ll post my dutch/reverse french braid tutorial soon!



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