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33 Recipes Sure To Heat Up Your Christmas in July

July 24, 2021 0 Comments

Merry Christmas in July! Let’s be real, for us Christmas lovers, celebrating once a year just isn’t enough! That’s why I’ve rounded up a list of recipes that are perfect to celebrate this fun holiday. These are new, fresh twists on your holiday favorites, with a summer spin. Whether you’re throwing a red and green pool party or planning a weekend of binging Hallmark Christmas movies (guilty!) I have the perfect menu for you.

DRINK and be merry

When we think of Christmas drinks, warm and cozy comes to mind. When we think of Christmas in July, well…I think more cool, refreshing, and maybe even a little boozy. These are sure to make the most of your summer sippin’!

Sugar Cookie Cocktail

What would Christmas in July be without a nod to Christmas cookies? Sweet and a little naughty, this cocktail is finished off with a frosting and sprinkles coated rim – so yummy! Recipe courtesy of Cookie Dough and Oven Mitt.

A sugar cookie cocktail sits on top of a red cloth next to a plate of green cookies. The drink is white and creamy, with whipped cream swirled on top. It is garnished with red, white and green sprinkles.

Cherry Beergaritas

Nothing says summer like a beer around the pool. Add in cherries, some lemon lime soda, and vodka, and you’ve got a beautiful red toned drink perfect for Christmas in July. Check out my Cherry Beergartia recipe here.

A red cocktail topped with red flowers and lemons sits on a table. A Pink booth is behind it. There is greean and white palm leaf print wallpaper on the wall behind.

Raspberry Gingerbread Smoothies

If you’re looking for a healthier take on a festive beverage, then look no further. Packed with banana and raspberry, tangy yogurt, and a hint of spice, this smoothie is sure to get in you the holiday spirit. Recipe courtesy of Food Meanderings.

A glass mason jar with handle contains a raspberry gingerbread smoothie. It is topped with fresh raspberries, cinnamon sticks, and a white and red striped straw

Cranberry Margaritas

Tangy and tart, and the most beautiful shade of red, this Christmas in July cocktail is almost too pretty to drink – almost. Head over to Baking Beauty for the recipe.

A bright red cranberry margarita drink sits on a bamboo mat. It is garnished with whole cranberries, lime slice and ice cubes. Limes cut in half sit to the side.

Christmas Cosmopolitan

Another bright red drink, perfect for Christmas in July vibes. Serve topped with lime for the perfect red and green asthetic. Click here to read the recipe on It’s Not Complicated.

A red Christmas in July cosmopolitan cocktail is picturing being poured into a martini glass. It is topped with lime slices and curled lemon peel.

Frozen Hot Chocolate

What’s Christmas without a nice, steaming hot, cup of hot chocolate? Get your hot chocolate fix during the summer months with this frozen hot chocolate at Family Around the Table.

Two mason jars with handle with a frozen hot chocolate inside. Garnished with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles and a green and white striped straw.

Watermelon Margaritas

Sweet, refreshing watermelon, tequila and lime. It’s what Christmas in July dreams are made of. Click here for my Watermelon Margarita recipe.

Photo of a watermelon margarita in a glass mug sitting on a deck overlooking trees. The rim is coated in salt, sugar and lime zest. The drink is garnished with a lime wheel.

Christmas in July Apps and Dips

It isn’t a celebration in my house without some really great apps. These options give a fun nod to Christmas and are great to enjoy in the hotter months.

Christmas Cookie Dough Dip

We’ve already established that cookies are a requirement for any Christmas themed celebration. No oven is required for this cookie flavored dip, so you don’t even have to bake to get your cookie fix. Find the recipe at Salty Side Dish.

A red dessert glass holds fluffy, white cookie dough dip with red and green sprinkles mixed throughout. It is topped with red and green sprinkles and two Teddy Graham cookies.

Bruschetta Christmas Appetizer

So fresh, so delicious, so perfect for Christmas in July. Serve with toasts or sliced cucumbers to give it a summery feel. Recipe courtesy of Tasty Oven.

Tomato bruschetta is on top of cucumber slices. The Cucumber slices are arranged around a bowl of bruschetta on a round serving wood board.

Pumpkin Pie Dip

There’s nothing like a good slice of pie. This pumpkin pie dip takes all the classic flavors of the original, and melds them into a delicious and creamy dip. Check out the recipe at 3 Boys and a Dog.

A bowl of creamy pumpkin pie dip with two graham crackers dipped into it.

Cranberry Salsa

Tart, sweet and spicy, this salsa is amazing served over softened cream cheese. So yummy and so festive. Check out Finding Zest for the recipe.

Cream cheese is covered with crabbery salsa and jalapenos, sitting a top a wooden serving board. It's garnished with jalapeno slices and fresh cilantro.

Christmas Deviled Eggs

The old standby has been updated with a Mexican twist with the addition of avocado, cilantro and lime juice. It makes a great keto option too! Recipe courtesy of Mom Foodie.

Deviled eggs with green avocado and cilantro filling instead of mayo and mustard. Carnished with chunks of tomato and cilantro.

Hot Caprese Dip

This hot Caprese dip with fresh tomatoes and basil would be the perfect app to enjoy with a Christmas in July movie marathon. Serve with toasted baguette. Head to The Rising Spoon for the recipe.

A hand holds a piece of toasted baguette with hot caprese cheese dip on top with fresh tomatoes and basil.

Grinch Kabobs

These Christmas-themed fruit skewers are great for a healthy and fresh option for your Christmas in July party! Recipe courtesy of Sula and Spice.

A green plates holds fruit skewers that are inspired by the Grinch. A green grape is skewered with a banana slice then a strawberry and mini marshmallow to represent a Santa hat.

The Main Attraction

These savory mains use traditional Christmas meats but have more of a summer cookout feel. These are sure to be the star of your Christmas in July meal.

Smoked Turkey Breast

Juicy, smoky, flavorful turkey breast is the perfect centerpiece for your summer celebration. You can use several types of wood to smoke your meat. Dishes with Dad will show you how!

PIcturing A spice rubbed and smoked turkey breast that's been sliced into.

Italian Salmon

Salmon roasted with tomatoes, garlic and topped with fresh basil makes a delicious nod to your favorite winter holiday, without being too over the top. Plus, it’s delicious and easy to make year-round. Recipe courtesy of Saporito Kitchen.

Roasted salmon fillets sit on top of parchment paper, along with cherry tomatoes, minced garlic, and topped with fresh basil.

Smoked Spatchcock Turkey

Spatchcock chicken on the grill is a summer favorite in my house and this brined and smoked spatchcock turkey is the perfect way to celebrate Christmas in July. The meat cooks more evenly, and leaves your turkey juicy and flavorful! Check out Smoked Meat Sunday for the how-to.

Image of a smoked spatchcock turkey

Kahlua Pineapple Glazed Ham

I love ham at Christmas, but you don’t usually think of serving ham in the summer. This ham will change your mind! Glazed with Kahlua pineapple sauce and served with roasted pineapples, this ham has all the makings of a Christmas in July celebration! Recipe courtesy of Delicious Table.

Photo of a spiral ham glazed with Kahlua pineapple glaze on a white serving platter. Roasted pineapple is alongside halved oranges.

Crunchy Turkey Salad

If you’re looking for something a little lighter to enjoy while you’re hanging outside, this healthy Crunchy Turkey Salad fits the bill. It’s super easy too because you can use up leftover meat or add whatever veggies you have on hand. Check out Recipes from a pantry for the recipe.

A glass container holds crunchy turkey salad and veggies with dressing

Bring on the Sides…Christmas in July style!

Sides tend to be really cozy and honestly, a little heavy, for the holiday season. These Christmas in July sides are light and fresh and won’t weigh you down.

Mexican Christmas Salad

Loaded with veggies and a chipotle citrus crema, this is a flavorful addition to any celebration. Recipe courtesy of This Mama Cooks.

A trifle dish layered with Mexican Christmas Salad. Lettuce, beets, jicama, oranges and pomegranate seeds are pictured.

Festive Christmas Caprese Salad

Vine ripened tomatoes, fresh mozzerella and basil come together in the shape in a candy cane for the perfect Christmas in July side dish. Check out Maple and Mango for the recipe.

Fresh tomato slices, mozzerella slices and basil are alternated to look like a curved candy cane. It is drizzled with balsamic vinegar.

Christmas (in July) Salad

This broccoli and tomato salad combines with a creamy sauce for a tasty side dish that pairs perfectly with grilled meat. Head over to Simply Stacie for the recipe.

Picturing Christmas salad. Raw broccoli florets, cherry tomatoes and red onion are mixed together with a creamy dressing.

Celery Salad with Parmesan

Healthy and refreshing, this makes a beautiful addition to your Christmas in July menu. Recipe courtesy of The Clever Meal.

Sliced celery, pear and pomegranate are on a black plate. Topped with parmesan. A gold fork and knife sit next to the plate.

Just Desserts

Let’s be real, the holidays are all about the sweets. And Christmas in July is no exception. Get ready to satisy your sweet tooth with these tasty treats.

Gingerbread Banana Pudding

Being from the south, banana pudding is always on the menu for spring and summer get togethers. This fun version adds in gingerbread cookies. Two Pink Peonies will show you how.

A dish of banana pudding topped with gingerbread cookies and banana slices.

No Churn Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream

Cool and creamy ice cream combined with warm holiday spice. It’s what Christmas in July is all about. Recipe courtesy of Saving Dollars and Sense.

A picture of a small mason jar with pumpkin pie ice cream in it. It's tied with orange and white striped bakers twine.

Frozen Peppermint Pie

Another frozen treat? Yes, please! This time cream cheese and peppermint come together to make a tasty frozen pie with a chocolate crust. Life Love Liz will show you how.

PIcturing frozen peppermint pie. A chocolate cookie crust, with a creamy pink and red swirled filling is topped with a hard peppermint candy.

Mint Dark Chocolate S’mores

Cool mint, rich dark chocolate and nutty graham crackers? Yes please! This recipe gives a holiday spin to a classic summer treat. There’s an easy skillet option too! Click here for the recipe.

Toasted mint marshmallow, and melted dark chocolate are sandwhiched between two graham crackers.

English Christmas Triffle

Fruit, whipped cream, and buttery cake combine to create a fresh dessert that’s quite pretty too. Recipe courtesy of What A Girl Eats.

Cake, creme anglais, raspberries, strawberries, and fruit sauce are layered in a triffle dish. Topped with whipped cream, and sliced toasted almonds.

Peppermint Death by Chocolate Zucchini Bread

Zucchini bread is a go to in the summer months to use up all the plentiful zucchini. This recipe adds chocolate and peppermint to turn plain zucchini bread into a fudgy, indulgent treat. Run, don’t walk, to Your Home Made Healthy for the recipe.

Death by chocolate zucchini bread is coated in crushed peppermints and two slices are sliced off

Pumpkin Mousse Pie with Maple Cookie Crust

This pie is no bake, so it’s cool, creamy and simple to make! Pumpkin, spice, and maple cookies combine to add a holiday flare. Recipe courtesy of Chenee Today.

A slice of pumpkin mousse pie topped with whipped cream.

Classic Aussie Pavlova

Most people don’t realize that Christmas actually happens in the summer in Australia (hello southern hemisphere!). The pavlova is a traditional dessert in Austrailia, so its perfect for our Christmas in July list! Kidgredients will show you her failproof method.

A traditional pavlova is pictured. Toasted meringue, mango, blueberries and strawberries are on top.

Kevin Mccallister’s Ice Cream Sundae – Charcuterie Board Style

“There are 15 people in this house and you’re the only one who has to make trouble!”. Home Alone is hands down my favorite Christmas movie of all time, so when my friends Kim and Kalee shared this charcuterie board idea to pair with the movie, I was enamored. Definitely adding this on to my Christmas in July must dos. Get the details at Movie Nights at Home.

An image of a charcuterie board. A bowl of whipped cream with cherries on top, as well as m&ms, peanuts, chocolate candies, marshamallow and sprinkles are also displayed.

Christmas Chocolate Salad

Chocolate salad? No lettuce here, I promise. A plate of chocolate and fruits is sure to please pretty much anyone. Plus, it looks really beautiful too. Recipe courtesy of The Devil Wears Salad.

A platter of fruits, Ferrero Rochers, chocolate truffles, apricot, nougat, coconut balls and red and white striped candy canes.

I hope you’ll try some of these new takes on holiday classics for your Christmas in July celebrations. Do you celebrate Christmas in July? Let me know what you do to celebrate below!

-Stay Dairing

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