Thank you so much for visiting A Dairing Life!

To make a long story short:

Passions: crafts, DIY projects, fashion, beauty, braids, party planning
Beliefs: There’s NOTHING that a few bobby pins or a little hot glue can’t fix
Goals: To show you how to live a beautiful, creative, dairing life


The longer, more winded version:

Hi, I’m Daire. I’m a not so newlywed living in Charlotte, NC with my amazing husband and misbehaved minpin/chihuahua. I work in the fashion industry, but I also love doing new hairstyles, trying out makeup and fashion, and DIYing just about anything I can get my hands on.

Friends, co-workers and family members have been asking me for several years when I was going to start a blog or Youtube channel. Well, that day has finally come!

I plan on posting hair and other DIY tutorials as least once a week. My hope is that you’re inspired to do things you’ve never done before – whether it’s a braid that you thought was too complicated, or making a piece of art that you swore you were not creative enough to do on your own. Step outside of your boundaries and start living a beautiful, creative, Dairing life!