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Halloween House Tour

October 28, 2016 1 Comments

I love Halloween! I don’t really enjoy being scared (although my husband and I are huge American Horror Story fans), but I love a day where you can pretend to me someone else and eat copious amounts of candy.

Growing up with a makeup artist for a mom meant that I always had an amazing costume every year for Halloween. My brother and I were shoe ins for costume contests whether we were biblical characters at our church trunk or treat, or the living dead at a friend’s haunted house party.

Honestly, most years I wanted to be Tinkerbell, or a fairy princess of some sort. I’ve always liked all things girly and pretty.

I still remember my last Halloween dressing up and going trick or treating. It was one of the few years where I wanted to be something scary, so my my mom made me up into the ultimate, creepy green skinned witch – complete with a big, hair infested wart on my nose. My costume was so believable, I caused a fellow trick or treater to jump and drop all of his candy when I answered the door.

Now that I’m a home owner, I spend more time dressing up our home instead of myself for Halloween. Just like in my younger days, I like to put a slightly girly spin on the scare factor though.

While I love the day of spooky thrills and sweet treats, I really don’t like the color orange, so I limit that in my Halloween and fall decor. I prefer to incorporate metallics instead.


I love adding festive touches to our bar throughout the year. Anytime I see paper straws, I pick up a pack. I change them out for holidays, or certain seasons. The skull shotglass is actually a souvenir we picked up on a cruise stop in Turks and Caicos.


Honestly, most of the Halloween decor I have around the house is from the Dollar Tree, or the dollar spot at Target. The items at the Dollar Tree are easily spruced up with spray paint (or broken necklaces like the bejeweled skull on my fireplace).

I made this wreath by ripping an old sheet, and tying the pieces individually around a styrofoam wreath. The flowers are made from old fabric I had, and the embellishments are old broken jewelry. My solution to affordable home decor is to be inventive, and to never throw anything out if you can make it new again!

I hope you enjoyed this home tour of my favorite Halloween decor. It’s a little crazy, but it makes me happy!

Other than glitter and skulls, I love Halloween themed treats. Stay tuned tomorrow for a really easy Monster Mash snack mix that’s sweet and salty, and perfect for munching on while watching your favorite scary movies!


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