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Why I’ve Been Away From the Blog

March 25, 2017 0 Comments

Things have been quiet, very quiet, around here on the blog. I’ve been trying to write this blog post for three weeks, but I just wasn’t sure of what to say exactly. The truth is, life has been crazy, hard, and pretty emotional for me for some time. I feel like so many bloggers don’t give you a sense of what their life is really like, and I think that’s a big ol’ fail!

2016 was a tough year for my husband and me. My father in law passed away unexpectedly. Both myself and several family members were diagnosed with some very heavy health issues. After my diagnosis, I had to change my entire lifestyle, and although it was ultimately for the better, it has actually been an added stress to make sure I’m taking care of myself (I know that makes no sense, does anyone feel me on that?). A close family member has been battling for their life since last fall. As I type this, I have one grandparent returning home from a week-long stay in the hospital, while another has been taken by ambulance this morning.

Obviously, 2017 hasn’t been any easier. The hits have kept coming. I want to be everything to everyone at all times. It’s just how I am. If you hurt, I will feel your pain with you. I want to help; I want to be there for you in any way physically or emotionally possible. Sometimes I forget that someone needs to think about me – am I ok emotionally? Do have I what I need to be the best version of myself? I’m sure this is something many of you can relate to.

The stress of trying to be all things to all people in my personal life (on top of working full time!) finally caught up with me – the flu hit me like a freight truck in January (seriously, how did I handle being that sick as a kid? Or is it worse as an adult?), and my body forced me to slow down. I reached my breaking point, and just needed time to rest. To do nothing. To recharge. All of which is very difficult for me, but was really necessary. I finally feel like I’m ready to get back into the swing of the blog.

During my hiatus, I’ve had so many great ideas, and there are lots of great projects in work for the blog. I can’t wait to dive back in and show you guys what I’ve been working on. Get ready to add more Dairing ideas to your life!

Stay Dairing

A Dairing Life


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